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Off We Go, Over Hill Over Dale, Anchors Aweigh, From the Halls of Montezuma, and From Aztec Shore to Arctic Zone…

JBAB Home Educators is a homeschool support group for military families living in the greater DC area that offers a variety of activities for its members.  We welcome homeschool families from every branch of the military, DHS, and Coast Guard, whether you are active duty, reserve, or retired.  If you have access to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, JBABHE may be a great connection for you!

Benefits of a JBABHE Membership:

-Access www.jbabhe.com which provides access to the calendar, forum, and more

-Communicate with veteran homeschoolers for support and homeschooling resources

-Access information on local activities and area special events

-Access information about community service volunteer opportunities

-Print Student ID and Teacher ID Cards (via the website)

-Participate in JBABHE group classes, field trips, events, clubs, and sports with access to multiple base facilities (*some costs or fees may be required depending on activity*)

-Obtain a discounted membership to Home School Legal -Defense Association (HSLDA)

-Participate in age-specific social events and clubs

-Participate in annual proctored group testing

-Participate in academic based fairs, conferences, and competitions

-Access information for additional military-focused student/family events

-Attend multiple free clothing-swaps and book/curriculum swaps 

*Our organization is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws, which may be accessed and reviewed through the “JBAB Board Info” section of the website after signing up.