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What's your style? How do you imagine homeschooling to look?

There are many ways to do homeschool -- take this quiz to help you identify your style and narrow your search for curriculum/resources.

Homeschool style quiz

Can you translate that?

From curriculums to theory to style, there are a lot of homeschool terms thrown around. Here is a basic overview so you can follow at the next homeschool meet up.

Translating homeschool terminology

Curriculum Reviews

Cathy Duffy reviews and The Homeschool Mom reviews


(F= Faith based; S= Secular; N= Neutral) 

Below is listed several options for curriculum in sections of 'all in one' and specific subjects.

Also known as “all-in-one” or "boxed curriculum". These generally have everything you need for a year.

Abeka (F)(PK-12)- Textbooks, video lessons, teaching aids and more.

Acellus Learning Accelerator (S)(K-12) –Online academy covering all subjects. 

Bob Jones University (F)(PK-12)- Provides homeschool families with easy-to-implement, rigorous, and biblically-centered textbooks for grades Prek-12.

Bookshark (N)(PK-12) – Literature based packages with included 4 day planning schedules.

Build Your Library (S)(K-12) - Provides a progressive, secular homeschool curriculum that takes a literature-based approach to educating children in all subjects. 

Calvert (S)(K-12) –Online and home curriculum options.

Christian Light (F)(K-12) - Independent workbooks.

Easy Peasy (F)(PK-12) - Free online homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school.

Five in a Row (N)(PK-7) – Literature-based curriculum that covers all subject areas except math.

Gather Round Homeschool (F)(PK-12) Every single month a new unit comes out that covers all your grades and all your subjects but math.

Horizons (F)(PK-12) Brightly illustrated workbooks focus on the spiral learning process of introduction, review, and reinforcement.

Kolbe Academy (F)(K-12) In our online program, students learn in a virtual classroom among peers with a live instructor who facilitates discussion, lectures, and grades the coursework.

Lifepac (F)(K-12) Students master concepts before progressing in this self-directed worktext homeschool curriculum.

Masterbooks (F)(K-12) - Providing solid, Biblically oriented home school curriculum. 

Memoria Press (F)(PK-12, Special Needs) – Christian based complete curriculum packages, follows the Classical education model. 

Monarch (F)(3-12) Media-rich online Christian homeschool curriculum offers automatic grading and recordkeeping.

Moving Beyond the Page (S)(PK-12) – Literature based, secular education packages. 

My Father's World (F)(K-12) Combines the best of Charlotte Mason's ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus.

Oak Meadow (S) (PK-12) - Fully accredited distance learning school and K-12 homeschool curriculum provider. 

Rainbow Resource Starter Packages (S)(PK-12) – Rainbow Resource now offers customizable curriculum packages for all grade levels.

Rod and Staff (F)(1-10)- complete curriculum for most subjects for the elementary grades.

Seton (F)(PK-12) Seton is an accredited school assisting homeschooling parents by providing an academically excellent and authentically Catholic curriculum.

Sonlight (F)(PK-12) Literature based Christian education.

Switched-On-Schoolhouse (F)(3-12) Customized learning with computer-based homeschool curriculum.

Tapestry of Grace (F)(K-12) A guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme 

The Good and the Beautiful (F)(PK-12) Literature based Christian curriculum with no daily prep time.

Time4Learning (S)(PK-12) –Online curriculum that tracks your child’s progress and keeps reports for your portfolio.

Torchlight (S)(PK-2)- Literature based secular education.

Veritas Press (F)(K-12) Classical Christian Education Curriculum with complete grade level packages as well as individual courses.

Language Arts

Brave Writer (S)(K-12) – Popular with homeschoolers, Brave Writer offers literature based curriculum with an online option. 

Classical Academic Press (F)(4-12) – Classical model writing and grammar programs.

HMH Journeys (S)(K-6) – Public school style textbook and workbook format LA curriculum with an online component.

Institute for Excellence in Writing (N)(K-12) – Trains both parents and students for a lifetime of excellent writing skills.

Well-Trained Mind (N)(K-12) – Writing and grammar curriculum that follows a Classical approach. 

WriteShop (S)(K-12) -- Charlotte Mason, eclectic, traditional style with activities that are creative and interactive.

Essentials in Writing (S)(1-12) -- Complete language arts program for grades one through twelve with teaching presented either on DVDs or via streaming video.


RightStart Math (S)(K-8) – Complete program that uses visualization of quantities and provides games and strategies for learning.  

Life of Fred series (S)(K-12) – Math texts with fun and silly storylines.

Math Mammoth (S)(K-8) – Affordable, open-and-go program that emphasizes visualization. 

Math U See (S)(K-12) – Mastery based program that has been a homeschool favorite for many years. 

Singapore Math (S)(PK-8) – Common-core aligned math program that has been developed for homeschool use.

Saxon Math (N)(K-12) – The most popular homeschool math program. Easy to implement and spiral-based.

Math Lessons for a Living Education (F)(K-6) – Short story-based lessons, real life applications, and hands-on activities makes this program popular with homeschoolers.

Teaching Textbooks (S)(3-12) – Online-based, spiral math program designed to be done independently. Great for students who struggle with math!

Math Supplements 

These are not complete curriculum programs but are fun and helpful to add in to help with memorization and developing a love for math.

Beast Academy (S)(2-5) – Graphic novel style books and online games for kids who love math.

Learn Math Fast (S)(2-12) – Excellent program for memorization of the math facts and explaining difficult concepts. 

Math Facts that Stick (S)(K-8) – Helping you raise kids who are comfortable and confident with math.

Nicole the Math Lady (S)(K-12) – Amazing online math tutoring using the Saxon math curriculum.

Prodigy Math (S) (1-8) - Math Practice & Learning through games online.

Favorite Apps for iPad, Kindle, and PC: Endless Numbers, Starfall, Prodigy Math, Minecraft, Math Seeds


Apologia (F)(K-12) Christ-centered, award-winning print and digital curriculum and online classes.

Elemental Science (S)(PK-12) – Easy to use homeschool science programs for all ages.

Magic School Bus Science Kits (S)(K-6) – Full science experiment kits delivered to your home with a Magic School Bus book. Super fun! 

No Sweat Nature Study (N)(K-8) – An online video subscription that combines nature study, art, and science. Easy and affordable. 

Science Fusion (S)(K-8) – Public school style science textbooks and workbooks with an online component. 

REAL Science Odyssey (S)(K-12) – Authored by experts and designed for homeschool use – learn through hands-on experiments at home. 

Joy Hakim’s The Story of Science (S)(6-12) – Combine science and history with this amazing series studying science through the ages. 

The History of Science (N)(3-8) – Combining literature, science, and history, learn about scientific discoveries over time through read alouds and experiments. 

Mystery Science (S)(K-5) – Virtual classes set up as 5 minute lessons or easy curriculum to do topics. Many experiments to watch and participate in. Common Core aligned. 

Memoria Press Science Packages (F)(2-12) – Many different options for unit studies on various science topics. 

History and Social Studies

Beautiful Feet Literature Packs (F)(PK-12) – From around the world to history through the ages, learning through reading aloud is a gentle, family-oriented approach to social studies. 

Five Senses Literature Lessons (S)(PK-6, Special Needs) – Developed by an occupational therapist, these lessons tie in other subjects in addition to history and social studies that is perfect for kids with learning challenges. 

History Quest/History Odyssey (S)(K-12) – Open and go history lessons from ancient to modern times, featuring literature tie-ins and full lesson plans. 

History Unboxed (S)(K-12) – Hands-on history lessons and activities from around the world, delivered every month. 

Joy Hakim’s History of the US (S)(5-12) – The definitive American History series, with tons of study guides and resources available online. 

Let’s Go Geography (S)(K-6) – Learn about the countries and cultures of today’s world with reading, video, music, and creative hands-on activities. 

Mystery of History (F) (all ages) An easy-to-use, historically historically accurate, Christ-centered series- featuring four volumes of world history for all ages.

Pearson My World and World History (S)(K-12) – Public school style textbooks, workbooks, and online components developed for homeschooling families. 

Story of the World (N)(K-8) – Best-selling history program with optional workbooks and activity guides. Also available on audiobook.

Foreign Languages

Classical Academic Press (F)(K-12) – Spanish, French, Greek, and Latin programs are available, with song CDs for younger kids. 

Mango Languages (S)(K-12) – Available free with your library card!

Muzzy (S)(K-6) – Seven different languages available, as well as a choice between online or DVD lessons.

Art, Music, and Health

ARTistic Pursuits Homeschool Art (S)(PK-12) - Featuring art instruction, art history, and art technique in a homeschool art program that encourages creative participation. 

You Are an Artist Chalk Pastel Lessons (S)(PK-12) – Learn art through online video lessons with Nana, a sweet homeschool grandma who is passionate about art.

SQUILT Music Appreciation (S)(K-8) – Super fun online lessons featuring a variety of composers, instruments, and eras. Printable worksheets to work on while listening keep kids focused.

History of Classical Music (F)(4-8) - Learn about the wonderful world of classical music and composition from the Baroque Period to the Modern Period through literature!

ArtHub for Kids (S) (K-adult) All kinds of art lessons for kids, including how to draw, paint and origami. Step by step video instruction.

Lets Make Art (S) (K-adult) Subscription program to teach watercolor, lettering or mixed media art.

Art Projects for Kids

KidsHealth (S) Many, many simple health and nutrition lessons and worksheets by grade level.

Extras, supplements, and helpful websites

Starfall (S) (PK-3) – Subscription to online games and apps that cover all subjects.

Adventure Academy (S) (Elementary-Middle School) - Subscription to online games and apps that cover all subjects.

Brain Pop (S) (Junior version - high school) -Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.

Varsity Tutors (S) (K-12) - Expert Live instruction in all subjects.

All About Reading and All About Spelling (S)(PK-4) – Fun and engaging programs to build lifelong readers.

Reading Eggs (S)(PK-6) – Online reading program that teaches children to read.

Handwriting Without Tears (S)(PK-5, Special Needs) – Featuring simple plans to promote success with written communication for teachers and students.

Zaner-Bloser (S)(PK-8, Special Needs) – Resources for handwriting, spelling, reading, and vocabulary.

ABCMouse (S) (Ages 2-8) - Subscription to online games and apps that cover all subjects.


Super Teacher Worksheets


Board games are a great way to immerse yourselves in a variety of subjects! Lots of suggestions can be found here:

Gameschooling: My-Little-Poppies

Blogs for Homeschooling

My Mommy Coach

Homeschooling groups, co-ops, and classes in the DMV area

JBAB Home Educators

Andrews Home Educators

Belvoir Home Educators

Capitol Baptist co-op

Capitol Learning group (University Model School)

Chess classes

Classical Christian Conservatory of Alexandria (University Model School)

Classical Conversations

Compass Homeschool classes

Harvester Teaching Services

Don’t forget the library! A quick search for health books, create a reading list, place your holds, and you’re done!

Helpful apps for reading e-books & listening to audiobooks include: