New Member Payment Options

Hello! We are excited your family has decided to join our group! 

What is the $60 fee used for? This fee is applied to annual website costs, JBABHE Homeschool house insurance, JBABHE-sponsored events, scholarships and  JBABHE house supplies. All other expenditures are brought to the board for review and voting approval before use in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws. The fee is $30 if you are signing up after January 1st of the academic year.  Our year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Here are a couple of ways you can pay after you have already submitted your application (or pay your renewal fee, if you are already a member):

1. To Pay with Paypal:  Paypal is no longer available. We are currently accepting cash or check. 

To pay by PayPal, you must fill out the registration form on the website and follow the instructions for payment at the end.

2. By Mail:
To pay by mail, please send your check or money order to:
JBAB Home Educators
1516B Carswell Circle SW

JBAB, DC 20032

We look forward to your family joining us!

Thank you,
JBAB Home Educators